Thursday, May 11, 2017

The level of activity

Tour de London - keep out the way
What I didn't mention yesterday was how intimidating  the pace of life felt in the centre of London -which I briefly experienced yesterday.

25 years or so ago I used to ride my bicycle to work  - it was relatively sedate, no Hi-Vis Lycra or helmets were needed - a few people used to go for a jog at lunchtime  or even have a game of badminton- now the people between 25 and 40 seem to be trialling for the Olympics - there's a scary glint in their eyes  and beware stepping into a cycle lane!

[And people work Friday afternoon too]

The years passing have has not made life easier and I know Rupert Murdoch is not a figure to admire in so many ways - but his work ethic and ethos are amazing- I recall seeing him in HK 20+ years ago and thinking why don't you retire? - well a couple of marriages on and he's still trying to make deals (what would Freud say about this? - more on that later).

Delhi on the line & I need a fag

What price are we all paying for our outrageously lavish but preessured lifestyles - are we able to smell the roses/coffee?

I don't know but there's little chance of it dropping down a level - so as they say 'suck it up'.

A convention of Hi-Vis wearers perhaps- but what's it all for?

Amazing camera on the way.

My ambitions are modest - £185

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