Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Truth and perception?

Well I've still got Carvoeiroboxes I've not shared and Politics needs some light and shade (and colour too)....

On a day that Diane Abbott 'misspoke' (who started with that phrase?) it was good to see that the Tories too were challenged (sadly not on all the bulletins though) .

Sadness Blue and Conservative?

Yellow is the LibDems colour

I tend to find James O'Brien a  more combative front-person on BBC 2's Newsnight  but it was  nice to see Evan Davies last night landing some good points about recent Tory Government  history regarding following an  Ed Miliband (Labour) trajectory rather than there own stated aims - Chris Philp MP of course stuck with avoiding direct answers to questions posed.

What also  is interesting is the battle that's reported to be ongoing within the Tory high command over the manifesto - as it looks at the time of writing (sadly) very  likely a large Conservative  majority (in England) will define the UK for several years and apart from the all consuming Brexit struggles over the next few years the type of Britain we live in could be defined by what finds itself into what's a 'virtual' contact between the government and the electorate.

A Green vote perhaps?

For me if Labour lose a significant number of seats in England at this election  then without reversing the entry-ism of Momentum (how ironic is that as a name?) - this I think would require a further change to the  membership rules
A Leader is important 

If there's not a move to a 21st century party of aspiration the 2017 election will really will have sounded its death knell - expect lots of analysis from Council and Mayoral  elections this week.

If the LibDems had a more convincing leader than the enthusiastic but untried Mr Farron  they could capitalise on the vacuum at the centre of Politics in England (note England not UK - can't help feeling that boat has sailed - thanks Mr Cameron).

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