Sunday, May 21, 2017

A worthy goal

The British Museum Where I heard Demis talk about AI

Kirsty Young is a good interviewer, she gets her guests to relax and tell her what they're comfortable saying, she's  well suited to Desert Island Discs -today's show was particularly good.

It was nice to hear her talking today to Demis Hassabis (who I saw speaking nearly 2 years ago at the British Museum), he's not only extremely bright but has goals set in the field of AI where he wants to make a difference.

One of the points the guest today was keen to make clear is how limited our time is.

We should savour

Camera Fund

My intention at the start of the year was to be able to buy a new compact camera sufficiently better than my current one (a Canon G16) to improve the pictures I can take in terms of quality and also have some nice features (perhaps the exposures every few seconds for example) - I'm beginning to feel  that it won't be so long and I need to start my research seriously ( had thought of the G9 MK II but now am not so sure.

£212.50 getting there

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