Tuesday, May 02, 2017

All change ..and Barnes

Not long as Chooks but Pizza on the Green for many 
Change is good some say.

It's certainly unavoidable - from Chooks becoming Bob's (in less than two years although it seems to be the same overall management).

And certainly sad to see the end of the Skateboard and Pop Up shops in Bond Street (they're going to make way for the 'Cinema Quarter' in Ealing).

Sad to see the Pop-Up shop where I was in residence gone for good


Last week I had reason to be in Barnes - fairly easy to get there from home but it's South of the river (just) and meant using the bus (one that was new to me and a 'hail and stop').

What I found was a really lovely village type place Art and Cinema along with facilities for the retired but goodness I wonder how people afford it.

FiSH is the abbreviation for this facility
Barnes's Own Arts centre.(was the Sorting Office)

And OSO has a café too

A quirky totem

Camera Fund

Feeling like a reasonable  sum  £162

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