Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Euronews old boys meet-up

When the European project was pretty much at its peak - I worked for a couple of years at Euronews in France - the idea was that Europe needed an international News TV station which wasn't CNN.

A French influenced meal for a french influenced occasion

The organisation was based in Lyon and had a cosmopolitan work force of Journalists and Technicians  - fast forward on 20 or so years and several of us are still in touch and meet up when we can to reminisce and socialise.

Today was one of the days when 4 of us managed to be in the same city (London) and spend some time.

As well as a jolly meal (pretty much Steak and Frites washed down with a couple of bottles of wine) we put the world to rights (as we did last year oh yes and the year before) - it was  a blast (oh yes we did it the year before that too.)

It's not finished 

Surprisingly busy in Canary Wharf area on a Saturday with new buildings still going up- and really good meal at Le Relais de Venise.

Interestingly one of our group has already left the UK (for work in Czech Republic) and another is looking to retire (to Germany)- does it tell us something about the British experience?

Let's call it £210

Because it is

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