Tuesday, May 23, 2017

More Planting and Minimalism (Danshari)

Cabbages and Cauliflowers 

Today I've been planting (in seed trays)  again - Lettuces,
Lettuce and Broccoli 
Pumpkins, Peas all sort of things and also planted out a couple more Sweet-Corn plants too.

The greenhouse on Plot 202 is getting congested and I hope that I'll have ground prepared soon.

Which strangely brings me on to the topic of the book I'm getting engrossed in it's called Goodbye Things and worth a read I'd say - taking actions to de-clutter is a goal but I feel that Fumio Sasaki (the writer) has some issues - I expect it'll become clearer as I read on.

[Slightly ironic that the book has added to my clutter and that there are so many words about this topic in Japanese - Danshari is the one  Fumio opts for most often.]

Of course it says a lot about the writer 

And I'm still going

Okay £215 50p

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