Wednesday, May 10, 2017

TV - What happens next?

What it said on the tin.
LWT - It used to be the home of Blind Date

Off to Waterloo and a great big bit of the skyline has gone more offices and flats I expect for oligarchs and as a secure-ish home for 'hot cash'..

You don't visit for a few months  and it's all knocked down

Then along to the old LWT building (now the ITV centre)  for what was a really good scene setter for changes around what we used to thing of as the telly - the Goggle box (not the Google box) and not the irritatingly PC bunch of Sofa surfers featured on UK TV's Channel 4 Gogglebox.

Well blimey Nigel was a good speaker, he's worked with TV companies for the last 20 years looking at new Gizmo's and functionality and he'd got his crystal ball out tonight too.

TV is going to be owned by Amazon (or perhaps Google or Apple or a really big Telco, bigger than BT).

The battle will be for the gatekeeper function.

Sky need to up their game.

Social media like Twitter and Facebook will have/be channels - you can already see on some Programme guides what bits are generating 'tweets'

Everything else will be relatively trivial.

Camera time

And it's now £183.50

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