Friday, May 12, 2017

Fine timing

A local bookshop capitalises 
Finchley O2 shopping - No Screens 

It was good to be back in Finchley and see again a shopping development I visited around 15 years ago for work  (BT at that time) to consider how we might add screens to help shoppers- and I did find that the the place is still bereft of them!

In one of those rare (but good) examples of happenstance ahead of a planned visit to Finchley's Freud Museum I saw Bettany Hughes' rather good TV programme about this 'Modern Genius'.

I find the programmes that Bettany fronts engaging and what hit me more on this visit was how awful it would  have been for the elderly Doctor to have see his neighbours and country turn against him as the forces of Nazism spread.

Although Freud's scientific methods are now considered to fall a little short of the full rigour we;d expect today - the point that he got people talking about their internal traumas has been a force for good in 'civilised' society his descendants continue to contribute to UK society.

The consulting rooms in Finchley where Freud's possessions were transferred too from late 1930's Austria 

Another £2.50

I suppose Freud would read something into my growing fund?

And £187.50 is where we stand 

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