Monday, May 01, 2017

A Coalition of Chaos - Richmond and Zac,Boris and the Bulldozers

It's conjecture but I wonder if we could have something of a surprise result in the 2017 UK Election - when I see Theresa May being interviewed she does not come over well or at ease with what she presents - I expect things will change when the Manifestos of all the parties are available to be dissected and will act a script for the main party faithfuls .

I expect I'm not alone in recognising the wisdom of the phrase about a lie (say it oftrn etc..)   - there seems to be little doubt that Jeremy Corbyn has said he won't be part of a coalition (as has LibDem leader Tim Farron) but The Tory faithful continue to use the phrase for what is surely an unlikely result of a non Tory win as 'Coalition of Chaos'.
Local shops indicate that the NHS could be under threat?

I've also heard  reports that a new May cabinet could be quite different from the one we have now- it'd be difficult to remove the Brexit negotiators but Boris could be sacrificed and could also  potentially lose his London seat if ant-Brexit constituents decided he was not what they want.

No 10 (at the Garden Centre) 

There's a feeling too (for me) that we're seeing one of those football games where for issues of crowd misbehaviour the game is being played  with only TV camera and a detached distant audience  - I suppose May is a shy woman and does not have political 'friends' unlike Corbyn who oddly does appear to connect (and listen) with some  regular folks, he's not a master of spin but does appear to relish the campaigning and for a 67 year old has a fair amount of energy.

Along with other issues that are being (currently) avoided is that ongoing  'Heathrow expansion' issue - Zac Goldsmith is standing again in Richmond and (I'm guessing)  if he's not changed his Brexit tune unlikely to return to the  HoC - but what about Boris Johnson (who was once committed to lying in front of the bulldozers) - will he have to face this ? (or is it a different sort of lie that Boris is providing?)

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