Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Uncomfortable and unanticipated

The launched Labour Party manifesto is meeting far more positive coverage than was anticipated when leaked 'headlines' from the document first surfaced last week.

A bus but not a battle one

Politicians have long known that it's your colleagues you need to worry about - note how criticism from long term cabinet colleague George Osborne needs a daily paper to contain his critique of Mrs May.

Undoubtedly some of this is because of changes that have been incorporated since the 'draft' but there is also a feeling amongst some that the margin between the two main parties is slimming.

Manifesto's of course assume that the only things which will change are those they wish to change so the idea that a change in Tax burden will not change behaviour is positively as naive as the claims made around the immediate Brexit dividends (on both sides of the argument) - rest assured capital flight is not something that would help investment and unanticipated consequences will abound for all the manifesto promises from the major parties.

Watch out for moles of all types

[Also I'm getting increasingly irritated by the language used around taxing the better off - 'will be asked to pay' - don't recall that option being available as a PAYE  'contributor'.]

The internal elements within the Labour Party are in an uncomfortable position, they do not wish to appear disloyal or heaven forbid lose 'moderate' MPs who will look to regain control from Momentum and fellow travellers of the so called Hard Left.

If you think this is exaggerating splits take a look at Tom Watson at yesterday's launch - there's a question about how big a Labour defeat needs to be before the 'leadership' recognises that it has failed - already  Union boss Len  Mcluskey (he who is challenged by keeping upright and by not meddling) is managing down expectations - seems that anything over 200 seats for the party under its present control could be considered a triumph by some.

[Not sure if anyone is saying that Len was pushed by the same forces who made sure that BBC cameraman was run over!]

The Pound is sinking

Was the story but  now US dollar is having problems ..

An increasing asset - £202 50

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