Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Apocryphal survey of posh schools

Not political giants
I recall from some time ago  a story  (possibly Apocryphal ) that a survey of party affiliations was conducted at various 'posh schools', as you might expect the Tories did well less so the Labour Party - a mildly curious result from the survey which has stayed with me was the high ranking of various left wing factions amongst the students - including a selection of the ideological strains of the factious battles at the vanguard of the revolutionary groupings.

This said I suppose it should not come as a surprise to me (although it does) to find that Seumas Milne is in fact a product of a privileged background the son of a former BBC DG Alistair Milne.

[the odd spelling of the Christian name does hint at something perhaps]

Like Andrew Howard (another of the current crop of Labour Party's 'media specialists') he is wedded to Russia even under the non- Communist leadership of Putin. Like Howard Milne is also someone who  had an expensive private education, in fact Seumas Milne's own children went to selective schools in Kingston, London (selective schools being something that  like Dianne Abbott he presumably doesn't support).

 I enjoyed the strong  piece by Dominic Sandbrook on how figures like these have 'hijacked' the party.

Nice reviews

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