Wednesday, March 01, 2017

The blade and hooray for Hullywood (60)

Okay I'll try and stop going on about Hull after this entry.

This is currently the iconic feature of Hull City of Culture and it's a rather impressive 'Blade' manufactured at Siemens in the City  - some facts about it here 

Thanks Siemens for this and more generally for the blades on your wind turbines

As you can see from the description - a (sort of) decision has been made to re-designate the item as a readymade.
Okay so an Industrial product has been become 'readymade' -sounds familiar 

The other thing that I really loved was this project (below) Quentin Budworth has got a great idea and run with it.

The idea is iconic films re-imagined and the enthusiasm of those taking part is palpable.

Exhibition space currently  at Princes Quay (one of Hull's shopping centres) but it's out there with a life of it's own on YouTube.

Well done Quentin

And the gallery

A new month and we're at £76.10 


Down near the old Ealing College (which is now Wniversity of West London) a classic front door straight on the street.

The sanctified Mother 

A classic door straight on the street

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