Sunday, March 19, 2017

Conservatives with Small and Big 'C's (78)

Hold True 

Looking back I now see how I was at one time a fan of a modernising leader of the Tories -problem was that he has proved to be a risk taker (as so many politicians are) and it seems with a cynical (or perhaps non-existent) set of 'true' values.

If there was one it was party over country- I hope Theresa May is able to do more than this and rules for the population at large not just  her own party...

With a small 'c'

I was surprised to hear Jeremy Paxman holding forth on David Cameron's ill judged referendum - he seems genuinely appalled by how the result of his cynical move to hold Cameron's political party  together has paid such dividends.

And with a large 'C'

Also found myself impressed by Lord Heseltine holding firmly to the desire for the UK to remain at the heart of Europe - his analysis of the British Public spending it's reserves to hold the economy together seemed accurate and rather 'doomed'.

Now we here that the SNP are being cynical with a referendum to reflect the nature of Scotland's vote in the recent election or watch a less than convincing David Davis MP responding to Hilary Benn MP and I'd suggest that our PM might have another look at her strategy

As well as the art of the possible 'Politics' should perhaps include something around compromise - when the UK voted for leaving the EU last year  the majority was clear but a large part of the population did not subscribe to the view that we (the UK) should exit Europe -perhaps accommodating them would be a better move than making Iain Duncan Smith quite so happy!

And £101 is the easy way to go


Still Door spotting in the West -end..

A sign on high

Another glass one- this adorned with the number 78

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