Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Allotments and surviving the Existentialist crisis (73)

Great to be out on the Allotment and enjoying some pretty warm weather - it's somewhere that you can't really hurry things the seasons are what they are.

Another good year for Rhubarb 

The Other Mans' Grass (is on his shed) and greener too

As the benefits of getting back to nature are apparent perhaps too are the ideas of Alain de Botton - below a great Video on Existential Crises but here see his take on crushes - what I like about the writing is the very gentle humour I love the line about his crushes in this article'  which mentions  her macaroni lunch splash .

And making up for it £93 77


Kew Green (just across from the river Thames) has some lovely houses and on the front of them some lovely doors.

Kew Green and cue the door too

A nice Racing Green and traditional Milk man ( Okay so they don't want junk mail either) 

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