Friday, March 17, 2017

Samaritans at Science Museum (76)

By all accounts Chad Varah was a character but in his long life he started something that has helped many people through difficult times - Chad (1911 -2007) started the Samaritans a non judgemental listening service for people in distress.

The story is that Chad (a vicar at the time)  was so moved by the death of a young girl who had taken her own life when she started menstruating for the first time.

She took her life tragically through ignorance (due to poor education and bad parenting) the girl was so alarmed and felt she had  done something wrong.

Chad looking a bit like Dick Emery

It seems slightly odd that the place he's remembered along with the service he started  is the Science Museum (London Kensington) - I suppose technology in the form of Telephone is an important part of the Samaritans service.

Samaritans now offer their service through a variety of means including email, SMS and face-to-face.

A service that's become significant 

Memorabilia from the first branch 

As we get £97.40 - £100 beckons


More doors in the West End

There are a few 'Great' streets

And lots of great doors - Those numbers above the door are a 'great' feature too

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