Monday, March 13, 2017

The Welsh settling in London (72)

How great that Ray Davies is now a Sir - loyal-ish to his Muswell Hill roots his name suggest the family were once from Wales.

In fact I  was interested to find that many of those now living in London have links to Wales - there were a number of Dairies that had their roots in Welsh arable farmers who came to London (there were some operating near Ealing Common).
Church or Chapel?

This in the centre of Ealing is shown as  a Welsh Presbyterian Church which is hidden away behind the house.

 The denomination was a Calvanistic one.
A detail 

An old sign

The Welsh have quite a history in London as you can see here.

£91 75 - breaking my rule


Tring , Tring  - watch out Crim's

The door of 72 is angled and within a sort of porch 

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