Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Count Arthur at Richmond Theatre (81)

Count Arthur Strong as seen in Hull Open

On Sunday we had an outing to Richmond Theatre to see the legendary (in his own mind anyway) -Count Arthur Strong.

It was a reminder of our visit to Hull but also to when we saw him before as a solo performer, nearly four years ago (and he doesn't look any older).

To be honest I preferred the earlier show (but then it's likely to be that it's either better or worse) - the supporting characters didn't add and the activity around the curtain being stuck/not rising  felt a little bit of a cliché - and went on too long.

Highlights were though Arthur singing 'Lovely Day' and some of his dance moves - generally audience were appreciative and it was a nice way to spend a Sunday evening. (Here's a clip of Arthur).

That classic Frank Martcham  theatre design as seen in Richmond.

£104 55


Wimpole on high

Another moneyed door

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