Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A bit more about Hull and those moths (59)

They had their own 'phone business
Well I've got a few last observations on Hull.

They have managed to reinvent themselves - if you go back to the 60's and early 70's the big business was fishing and they still retain good relations with Iceland  (this statue has a 'double' in Iceland - and this is actually a replacement, the original was nicked for scrap).

Well it's someone looking out to Sea (for the fish)

The statue is known as Voyage and is by Steinunn Thorarinsdottir.

The City (unusually) doesn't have a cathedral it has an enormous parish church which Archbishop Sentamu is due to upgrade to a Minster this year.

It's a big church (Holy Trinity Church)  but it's not a Cathedral 

(The Late) Mick Ronson was very much the heart of The Spider from Mars (David Bowie's imagined and realised band) - he was from Hull and is remembered by a café named for him.

It's how he'd want to be remembered (perhaps) 

Amy Johnson (who flew a 'Moth') is the inspiration of the moth trail that's another part of the Cultural experience..

On a company wall,
On a restaurant 
It's got a flight path on it

This was near hotel reception

And this just across the road from the hotel

In a retail park too

A red one not to be missed

Most of the Moths will eventually be auctioned for good causes (in May).


Gordon Road is my main way into Ealing and the Broadway station here's number 59 - Perhaps it's the famous Gordon (Charles George) who it's named for?

A road regularly traversed 


Multiple bells indicate flats 

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