Friday, March 03, 2017

Loading the Blue Plaque up and (62)

Out on my door number quest I'm coming across things that I've not encountered ..

I was interested to find a 'New' type of Blue Plaque not that far from home in West Ealing and have put a tweet out hoping to find out a little more (here are some other 'odd ones)

[I've also added it to  a website of Blue Plaques]

Who are the English Hedonists?
And what did the Peppers do in St Kilda Road?

As the house is modern-ish i'm  taking a punt that it's an environmentally friendly building from the first awakenings to our misuse of the planet  - more when I get input

Another thing that's interesting is that there's not a St Kilda - it's a confusion from a Viking  naming of an Island  called Skilda (by them).

The other surprising thing is finding a pub that looks like a great 'local' - it's called The Grosvenor and it's nearby too so will have to give it a go.

How come I've not had a drink there (that I remember)?
And the fund increases to £78.36


One of the jopys of tapping into front doors is looking at my environment - the way that what was 'municipal' housing has been refreshed/changed is interesting to see

Here's a location that  has been given a contemporary aesthetic

Load of trees
Plain-  some would even say minimal.

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