Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New CityLit Course Exhibiting (74)

The venue for the 5 week course 

Rather conveniently the end of the CityLit Intro to Tate Modern has coincided with another course that could have been custom made for me - it's called 'Exhibiting photography: a practical guide' and is run be the well qualified to teach it Shirley Read (she's written a book or two on it as well) .

What is so good about the courses held by City Lit is the credibility of the course leaders they are not just instructors they are practitioners too with real lifer stories that they are able to share that bring the sessions to life.

Shirley has got plenty of these and engages with the (so far 6 with varied interests and experiences but soon it'll be 8) students.

 What a shame there aren't more places like City Lit for adult learners to continue their education (in the wide sense of the word).

Well who wants Art that's not fine?

Hard to resist a round figure -£95


And it had some famous residents

And Arthur was amongst Comedy Royalty

Here's a door that's especially distinguished (across the road there's a plaque to Sid James too at Number 35).

Nice Porch for the man who was once a comedy great (he worked with Nicholas Parsons)

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