Saturday, March 25, 2017

Planting and Hopper (84)

When things are not good or could be improved we should (perhaps) try and make them better by one means or another - with this in mind I put some fresh plants in the front border near our front door Blue Pansies and Some Sweet William 'Indian Carpet' - hoping for a nice bit of colour there.

Nice in the hall

But better in the border


And to be able to have something to look forward to in May I have now booked a 'Focus on Hopper' day -  the course will be led by Rachel Sanders  (with who I focused before on Duchamp about 18 months ago).

Western Motel  (1957) 

Fantastic -£108.20p


 So Fetter seems to go well with an olde worlde view of things -Shackles and horses are brought to mind and area (EC4) undoubtedly historic too .

Fetter sounds historic (and Greek!)

Could be good if you're moving large items in and out

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