Saturday, March 11, 2017

Final date at Tate Modern (CityLit) and Photographs as Art - part 1 (70)

Last Tuesday was part 6 (of 6) of the City Lit Art course led by James Mansfield and with it came the chance to consider some of the questions that had been raised when we started our Odyssey.

It was nice to have amongst the group people who had got something from the course but still had issues around much of what is described as Art (now).

It is not (for me) enough that over a hundred years ago the 'public' and Art establishment questioned impressionism  or (even that) 50 plus years ago 'Pop art' challenged what was currently considered fine art - there id for many of us something that does set apart Art from 'self-indulgence'.

One of the big challenges that (for want of a better term) Fine Art is still coming to terms with is 'Photography' and the accompanying query 'What is Art Photography?' (as opposed perhaps to   documentation)

Louise Lawler's photos's might creep into the Tate Modern as they're about fine art  and might be called 'Playful' or even 'Post Modern' they certainly show a high degree of craft are well composed, presented and are by 'an artist'.

Rest on the flight into Egypt against Sunlight  ..
A work that 'Samples' Lichtenstein 

(Annoyingly)   untitled 2004 
We also took a look at an artist (another Louise this one Bourgeois) who pretty much spanned the 20th century - uncomfortable being labelled a Woman artist (rather than just an artist) her work  was in a number of areas including Sculpture and hanging work

Not every one liked this
This artist has her own room (and there are a number of reasons one feels for this- but that's a whole new area!)

Some of her work made part of our group uncomfortable - notably those with 'cages'.

I'm not excited or touched by what she does but do like her Spiders.

Unmistakably Louise 

Sculpture can use soft materials too.
Referencing pictures of 'Cornucopias'  

Reminded me of Duchamp 

A 'cold' picture 

Back to the photography (and I'll return again soon too) - a final (smaller) group activity was to look at some Photographs which were presented as art - here are two we looked at  -this made me think that Art Photography largely positions itself by reference to art works - here the first certainly gave me a reminder of Duchamp's Étant donnés: 1º la chute d'eau, 2º le gaz d’éclairage

Another works looked like  a Hopper .
Like a Hopper - but in a TV studio

The other art we looked at was by Hito Steyerl and was one I'd seen at the ICA  ( I also saw a piece of work at The Whitechapel Gallery) - odd and annoying in terms of showing in a loop so you do not join at the 'beginning. 

And we're talking about over £90 (only a penny over)


Best Road sign so far (and it's Papal) 

It's looking familiar

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