Friday, March 10, 2017

At The Design Museum again (69)

Construction and Refurbishment - we all need that 
Great to be at Design Museum again today - I really think being a 'Welcomer' is good for your health- smiling and being pleasant probably increases some sort of good brain activity.

Much taken with  a couple of the Design Classics on the iconic wall too (2nd Floor).

[My mum had a similar sewing machine but sadly my dad didn't have similar record deck]

There are two rather good new  exhibitions coming up soon as well - the first Imagine Moscow starts next week (15th March).

A Wheel of Steel for your Vinyl (SL 1210 Mk II)
My mum had one like this

Last week Rain Wu brought in a replacement 'spoon' while I was at the museum - you can find out more about Rain's designs here

Some of Rain's work on the 2nd -Floor Designers in Residence.

It's £88 20


Mock Elizabethan meets mock Anne in W5 

Perhaps More 'Mock' than 69 

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