Thursday, March 02, 2017

Eduardo Paolozzi on show and 61

A celebration 

Last week after a Portuguese lunch I visited the rather splendid Whitechapel Gallery to see a pretty extensive retrospective of  (Sir) Eduardo Paolozzi the Scottish/Italian artist who is credited by some as inventing  'Pop Art' before both Richard Hamilton and Andy Warhol (sad to see that he doesn't get mentioned here).

Fascinated by a 1950s version of  robots
And of  space type things  too

There was work that was about printing and some that  poked fun at Art and work that was just fun.

Yes this is before YBAs and it's 100% F*rt
And there are prints too

Jeepers Creepers  from 1972
If you want to find out more about Sir Eduardo two radio programmes I liked are when Carluccio (of restaurant fame chose him as a) Great lives and a visit to Desert Island Discs.

All around London (here's one at Kew Gardens) you can see works by Paolozzi and we even saw one when we were in Hull at the weekend.

Large Frog by Paolozzi in Hull's 

Paolozzi (in public) is at his best perhaps with the mosaics at Tottenham Court Road Underground station.

The other place (the first I suppose) that I saw Paolozzi's work and design  in the inner booklet of the LP Red Rose Speedway (by Paul McCartney and Wings) - it reflects the ongoing engagement by McCartney with the Art World .
We're talking about £77.26


Coldershaw Road

Coldershaws are a bit thin on the ground in terms of where the name came from or what it means - here's a family record though.

Here's a door I'd like to see hung the other way

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