Sunday, March 26, 2017

Exhibiting and borrowing (85)

So last week was the second part of the More of the exhibiting stuff class at CityLit (Exhibiting photography: a practical guide) - it's a really nice group of people and a lot of the learning takes place as a result of this - during the session we spoke a fair amount about selecting images and giving feedback.
And the same car this week

Funnily enough from about 18 months ago

Shirley Read who is our course leader has a vast amount of experience in the field and a great number of anecdotes that relate to the endeavour.

Having been to quite a number of exhibitions of late and got a fair amount of feedback from 'Design Museum' visitors I'm  looking forward to getting the full story on labelling and the like which I'm sure will be coming soon.
Covent Garden improvements offer some odd reflections

Local Library

What the library gives us
On Friday arriving back in Ealing after 'duty' at Design Museum'  I had some time before a meeting and decided to visit the local library.

The Agenda for council run libraries is not a good one - funds can be reduced without too much resistance and this seems to be happening subtlety - We used to have a great selection of up to date publications and on trying to read Private Eye (which used to be on show for reading) I was told this was no longer held and to read the most recent magazine I should 'lodge' my ticket this acts to make the reading less straightforward and the conclusion by the 'funders'  is then (of course) well it's not being used - we can stop it.

£109 33
[Consider how we can keep libraries going]


A country sounding name - but less relevant now 

Seems that Harewood relates to a type of Sycamore and its use (stained sycamore wood used for making furniture).

You can just about see the 85 on the right - could be an 'Everest' job for the porch.

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