Thursday, March 09, 2017

Our Responsibilities, Democracy, Politics and Stakeholders (68)

A Title that calls
I'm reading a bit more than I did in 2016 and hope to continue through the year while I'm getting something from it - quite often it's the Title/Cover combination that does it for me -Screw Work, Let's Play certainly did it for me a few years ago and now 'The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK' has  been a worthwhile voyage (A short one too).

I'd describe them both as being in the mould of self help books but they're (particularly the latter) about experiencing life and not being trapped by an entitlement view of life which stops you being who you want to be (within limits!).

Puzzling on it all
[One of the great things about Radio, TV and Books  is that now when we see something that interests us we can find out more- a reference to Ernest Becker and his work around how Death Anxiety drives us on is a fine example which I'll no doubt explore from Mark Manson's book.]

I was pleased to hear Jimmy Carr on Desert Island Discs being largely positive about what he does and has achieved, there's no doubt he's a bright cookie but not all bright cookies are able  to consider their lives realistically and adjust.

So from here Democracy and 'Door number 68' offers a chance to think about this subject - in 1968 many took to the streets to 'overthrow' the established order - think Paris and Prague for two examples.

The Public Philosopher series on Radio 4 looks at big issues and I was getting annoyed at the study around 'Democracy' it seemed so far from analytical and took the idea of Democracy from what professional politicians describe it as and the idea of  Politicians and democracy are not irrevocably linked  .

£87 10p
(and I'm now thinking about the EOS 750D)
To my mind the idea that we in the UK (and other developed countries) live in  something like a 'Democracy' is commonly accepted but perhaps mistakenly so - I'll come back to this when I've digested the latest shenanigans and deceits  that have been going on in Westminster of late.


And as promise it's all about the spirit of '68.

Another battered sign

And another rather standard looking door 

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