Tuesday, March 21, 2017

At London's Courtauld Gallery (80)

I like the story around this picture by Richard Long 
Very appreciative of how well served we London residents are in terms of leisure and cultural activity opportunities - yesterday after seeing some friends who will show in BEAT 2017 (Ealing's Art Fair mentioned yesterday) I went and had some time at the Courtauld Gallery - part of Somerset House.

There are some marvellous works on show, a lot of Seurat's paintings and The Bar at The Folies Bergere  by Edouard Manet  always calls attention  but what was a bit of a surprise was Richard Long's influential and relatively modern   A Line Made by Walking (1967)

So many galleries are incredibly crowded and taking time to enjoy savour and the experience is not always easy but The Courtauld on a wet Monday (when you can get reduced entrance too) worked really well.

So much in Somerset House
A tasteful and cultured  venue 


£103 34

Around the world Harley Street has a reputation for high class Doctors - some of the doors reinforce this too.

Famed  for its medical professionals 

Impressive - As it should be

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