Saturday, March 18, 2017

At the V&A and (77)

Like the Science Museum there's a lot to see at the V&A (also in Kensington) but I'd say it's more of a 'Grown up' place (I guess this is as a result to some extent as their brief and audience) but at present there's not a 'headline exhibition and if you go note that there's some work going on around what was the gift shop 

Now on at V&A

The exhibition I'm looking forward to there is about Pink Floyd (Their Mortal Remains) in May and I reckon it could be an absolute  blast.

While I look forward to the experience - I'm a bit concerned that this is rather a trend where the chance of marketing off the back of it (both in terms of Pink Floyd's catalogue and the museum) - we had a good Revolution there and the Stones show  at Saatchi Gallery - I suppose it's as a result of the population that's now very much got the 'grey' pound while younger people struggle. 

Is this though what we want and expect from our Museums? Easy to digest and not too challenging but more about consumption than a 'stretch'. 
St Paul was a problematic figure (unknown artist)

Raising of Lazarus (Perino)

Eric Gill escaped approbation in his lifetime - Mankind (1927-8)

Did enjoy seeing some of the religious work (Christian and Buddhist)  on show and seeing Eric Gill sculpture made me think about how his behaviour is overlooked (as John Byrne suggests his own grandfather/father can be).

An East Asian Buddha head
And a Golden version
Having beckoned - £100


Another Great

But where's the letterbox?

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