Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Looking, Pictures and Portraiture and (67)

I tend to take photo's of my own volition so the other day I was asked to take some pictures at a fund raising event it gave me something to 'focus' on.

And what I found was that taking pictures of 'people' in a room is not so easy - brief was not that specific but I did not wish to spoil the fun or be obtrusive.

I'd been looking at taking more pictures of people and it was part of a submission I made for some funds - yesterday as I crossed the Millennium bridge I saw a well matched couple and thought they'd make a good subject as I proceeded I saw what (I thought) was another photographer with the same idea but as I got closer I realised I'd been a little naive.

The photographer was directing the models (for that's what they were) - anyway I got a picture I quite like (see below) it's of the people but it's hopefully a little different.

Oddly framed and interrupted 
Another picture of a person that sort of works

And they call it Art.
£86 is a nice round number

BEAT Local Art Trail 2017 version

Website for 2017 version of the  'Studios' Art in Ealing Trail (BEAT)  is now live and features a couple of pictures taken by me (2016) in the Mosaic of images there - Gordon Cookson (Turner) and Dr. Tim Layden (painter).


So less than 300 to go and 'Hey' I used to live a few doors down (tree names are popular for roads round here).

A close I lived in

A door that's not quite right and one of those 'No leaflets' labels

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