Sunday, March 12, 2017

More on Photography as Art (71)

The West Wing is where it's at- Somerset House

Having been asked to take some photo's for to help new volunteers become know to the group I help with and having joined another City Lit photography course ( Exhibiting photography: a practical guide) it feels as though there's something of a universal conspiracy to make sure I continue to keep an interest in taking photos

On Friday after 'Welcoming' at the Design Museum I went to CityLit to pick up the new prospectus for 'Spring Term' as I was near Somerset House decided to look at what was on show (there's generally something interesting to see there)  and I saw a fantastic Photographic exhibition which answered (for me) When is Photography Art?

The exhibition is the Syngenta Photography Award.

I'm not sure what all the cameras used for the pictures on show were but some are definitely the 'Large Plate' analogue varieties.

A bit about Lucas

As I mentioned part of what makes a photo beyond a document and moves it towards art is the referencing - here's one (By Eric Tomberlin) that has a link to the work and style of Hieronymous Bosch (Garden of Earthly Delights) the other Photographers that stood out to me were Matt Hamon  (they  look like beautiful renaissance paintings) and Lucas Foglia (this is a great picture).

Inspired by a great German Painter


Here's what probably won't be a one off  - a link to a politician who is perhaps being a bit greedy - David Davis.

Here we are at £91 11p


I do make regular visits to this road

This house was inhabited by someone with health problems for some time now it's under renovation.

Now there's a story

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