Tuesday, March 07, 2017

More Paolozzi and (66)

Okay so today was the last day of the CityLit Introduction to Tate Modern (more on that later), as a result I was in the exhibition space and able to look at some more of the work of Eduardo Paolozzi who is fast becoming an (even bigger)  interest of mine.

Tapestry (1966)

The Tapestry is just one example of the varied forms that work from Eduardo who remained un-pigeon-holeable

Intriguingly the work was commissioned by Robert Fraser gallery which had links with the then culturally searching Beatles.

Nearby is a selection of Robot inspired sculptures so beloved by Eduardo
'City of the circle and square' (1964)  on the right  - Robots are a Theme that was often revisited by Paolozzi

I like this curtain in the same room it's by Beatriz Gonzalez and is about her home country of Colombia and the corruption that was prevalent at the time of the work -seems to me rather a clever way to disguise a confrontational work.

Interior Decoration (1981)
Now £84.07 - getting there


Woodfield Road is in Pitshanger area of Ealing

The door doesn't suggest a vicarage - like the logs though.

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