Friday, June 24, 2016

We're out and Red 130

Feed the birds
So the population has spoken -I recall Black Wednesday when the markets went mad but this is bigger and was down to a vote- it is certainly not what I wished for but it is democracy and that's a powerful force..

Cameron is to leave and I'm not sure if there's actually a future for the Labour party as it stands, certainly Corbyn always a shaky figure is looking more and more like a man who is not only out of step with his MPs but also the times and those people he seeks to represent - not sure how long he'll 'remain' the  Labour leader in Westminster.

[Interesting to note that Tory Home Secretary  Theresa May who had such a low profile during the campaign is reported to have got herself  a new hairstyle.]

Red 130

Well  while some will be saying it's a Black Friday - in a corner of London's Leicester Square it's forever Friday and Red too..

It is even when it doesn't feel like it

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