Saturday, June 25, 2016

Looking back (not far) and Red 129

With Hindsight

Looking back I find that my Blog has reflected  the rise of Boris Johnson - it feels to me now almost inevitable that the figure variously described as a buffoon and a 'Court Jester' (and that's just by his own party) will be our next Tory Leader and PM.
At least Theresa has had hers done.

Sad to hear too that so many of the predictions and warnings made by the remainers are proving to be true - described by Michael Gove as bumps in the road these are likely to lead to real job losses and a decline in living standards for many.

Undoubtedly there'll be some good things to come out of the Brits  extracting themselves from  the Single Market but as Scotland readies itself for another referendum they look to be at best marginal.

 With Westminster tied up on work to reassemble our trading relationships  I suppose the expansion of Heathrow/London airport strategy  is now consigned to the 'not important' pile.

Red 129

This view with it's strong red roses  across to one of my neighbours now forever reminds me of Patrick Caulfield

That deep red rosy colour

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