Sunday, June 05, 2016

More on Plot 202 and Red 149

Protecting Kale from the Pigeons
So I mentioned that I'd got a Popadome at the local Garden Centre- today I put the construction up over half a dozen or so Kale plants  - it was actually quite easy to assemble and am hoping that it'll do the trick.

Another row of peas

I've also planted another batch of Peas, the idea is to stagger them and the annoying thing is that these although started about 10 days after those already planted actually look bigger and stronger that the ones already growing.

On a side note it's a little sad the my neighbouring plot (204) is now vacant Matt who actually appeared on TV's Great  Allotment Challenge failed the challenge to pay the rent for the plot and new plot holders will be found (without much trouble I think).

Sadly Matt has been overtaken by events


I know that the remain camp in UK's EU referendum is feeling under pressure and ex Premier John Major (remember him?) has weighed in to his own party colleagues who wish to Exit in another show of Blue on Blue infighting but the debate is very much alive and is something about Democracy.

On the subject of Democracy I'm not sure if it's be in the interests of reflecting the voters wishes to follow the in/out vote with a General Election regardless of what happens, certainly it would seem right if we're to have a new Prime minister.

The referendum in UK is not the only one hitting the news sadly 'Basic Income' vote resulted in  defeat in Switzerland but although the opponents managed to get something like 75% of the vote - I'm not too dismayed the point is its getting people talking and 1 in 4 supporting it is not too bad.

Ali - The Black Superman

For people of my generation  Cassius Clay//Muhammed Ali has been around nearly all our lives- he did much for society (and was perhaps a founding father of rap) I don't see boxing disappearing but maybe we could change the sport so that fighters at least protected their heads and it  would hopefully mean fewer had to  live with Parkinson's disease.

Red 149

And back on the allotment  - I like this design

A red feed container for a red fruit

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