Sunday, June 12, 2016

Losses and Red 142

Why does it always rain on me?
I, like many others the anniversaries in the daily papers but was a bit puzzled to see  Lynsey de Paul being listed as 68 in the i  - I thought ' she's dead' and indeed she passed away unexpectedly  about 18 months ago - having said that the home page of Lynsey does not mention this and there are disagreements in the coverage over her age.
I've let the paper know!

Recent Deaths
As I say I look at the anniversaries but also the obituaries - sad to see that the artist  Carl Frederik Reutersward passed away this week - he was a friend of John Lennon and created a famous statue to commemorate his death which as well as commemorating the death is  used to draw attention to the excess of guns

It's difficult to feel too sad to those people who live to the ripe old age of 100 Jerome S Bruner, was one such character and his magpie like career tied together various theories to deliver an  interesting perspective  - what I found stimulating from his work was his commentary around how the young poor had a different view on the size of coins.
Few days left

Weather - I was at Design Museum yesterday delivering a couple of short Cycle Revolution tours, the rain bucketed down in the afternoon, a few miles back to West Ealing and it had been a dry afternoon -  odd how local the weather can be.

Red 142

You couldn't invent it could you?  Did I really see this?

Are they sisters?

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