Monday, June 06, 2016

Building 'sights' and Red 148

Building work
Not far from me
Building work seems to be going on all around me.

We can easily overlook the built landscape we inhabit in modern cities, I try and keep my eyes out but often miss things (more later).

Near Hanover Square W1
Not too far from Northfields Underground station and much like Central London Grill Bar this (right) is a building that's been of interest to me for some time, sadly I think an ill occupant - it's now undergoing some rebuild so I guess something of a story.

There's a building 'camouflage' operation on several building sites across London this one (left) near Hanover Square for example.

Here's another  central London version of the Camouflage Meme - cooler than a building site (and here's a website with a bit more about the phenomena).

Almost like a film set

Red 148

Spotted at London's Planet Hollywood apparently Red ranger was leader of the Power Rangers Pack - Seem to recall that there were Malaysian worries over a perceived 'drug connection'.

Leader of the Gang

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