Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Technology as an enabler and Red 140

See the memory against a £1 coin for scale
I've got in mind for the future a reflection on the continued 'red' themed pictures I've been taking, what I hope is that I can show what I've done by a variety of methods - work out the meaning and encourage people to be involved and contribute.

To help with this I'm planning to show the project so far and to do this I want to be able to make some projections and also take some 'staged' pictures.

Part of the realisation is around technology and  PCs (I want to publish stuff to the web too) and it's easy to get totally sidetracked in this part -but what can now be done very affordably is pretty stunning.

"Mini- Computers" in broadcasting  in the 80s (at ITN)

I've been around computers for something over 35 years and worked with some  enormous modems that struggled at 2400 baud (Oracle news ITN)  and disk storage packages that were unwieldy and needed air condition and 3 phase power (DEC's VAX 11 780)

So maybe I'm too amazed at how far  technology and modern developments continue and the way that Moore's law has  stretched far further than was once expected.

[You can see some dramatic images reflecting the changes here.]

I've recently got a very small PC for printing and (hopefully) some limited picture editing. - yesterday far ahead of the anticipated delivery date I got a 64GB memory card for this - less than £12  and from the other side of the world -South Korea, it's hard to fathom and what on earth will we have in 10 years time?
Projecting the project

This would be Science Fiction to the early 20's version of me who had a Commodore Vic 20 home computer which loaded data (slowly)  from a cassette tape.

Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Big mergers rarely deliver what and in  the way that's expected.

I've been with LinkedIn described by some as Facebook for the office  for a number of years (11 or so I think)- at the time I joined it felt like a bit of a secret and the idea that it delivered advantage to its members seemed credible.

When I did my MBA I actually used it quite a bit to get responders to a market survey I conducted and some people I've contacted have been helpful and kind.

 Fast forward and it feels (to me) as impersonal, hopelessly corporate and totally lacking in soul - what it brings to the Micro-serfs remains to be seen but it certainly came with a hefty price tag ($26.2 bn).

[And the reason that I've not left LinkedIn is that perhaps something good will come my way be someone seeing my 'profile']

Red 140

And the story continues ..

I like the way the red works with the lime green

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