Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Leap Year and 139 Red

I know there are other projects that involve applying oneself to a daily task for a year - I'm involved in one (now) and have actually decided to go one better and the working title (currently) is Leap Year.
A book that feels like it says it
all in just the title

I do ask myself is it about doing something every day or is it about Red? 
A metaphor that might reappear

Part of my inspiration was from Noah Scalin's book but I also recall artist  Nick Pearson talking about how he took the discipline of a task  and sent and changed postcards for a year.

I seem to recall a book I've seen about something similar (any one else know the story?) and on a gallery visit a couple of years back  we looked at an artist who went out every day to produce something.

So looking forward to how I will explain  my 'Leap Year' endeavour I've looked around and tried to find the initial person who started such things - let me know?

There are of course plenty of photo projects in this mould - like this one..

And here's a design one that predates the publication of the Scalin book (which was 2010 I think)
Keep your eyes open

Oddly when you hear about and start your own Diary/Project it feels like an easy thing to do but as with a marathon there are various barriers one goes through the half way mark is psychologically a big one (and is well behind me now) but the two thirds mark feels as though I'll never get there.

I would say that like so much stuff it happens when you start doing it and it (probably) means something can be explained in retrospect- more to come!

[Does anyone have an e-mail or postal address for Cildo Campos Meireles who made a work around Red that the Tate has?- do please let me know]

139 Red

A nice and very simple design attached to  London cocktail bar

Hardly the Horse and Groom

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