Thursday, June 23, 2016

Your (UK EU) decision and Red 131

Downtown Ealing
Straw poll of shop windows, homes  and commercial premises on my doorstep indicates strong majority for Remain - this could of course reflect the 'shy' Brexiteer and of course getting the vote out is what counts.

What is for sure is that there's going to  be a lot of analysis and lessons learnt from the way the arguments have been revealed and the significance of hammering home points regardless of their truth or not (like the £350m figure)

The use of  totemic slogans  that capture the mass mood (like independence day)  has also been a feature of the playing to the media professionals  search for soundbites.

How is it that some of the mass audience papers have chosen to go with a 'Leave' front page - do the Press have an agenda? (strangely the Daily Mail has suggested leave while it's Sunday sister paper has used its editorial to back the remain).

[Was amused to learn that while David Cameron got a First in PPE his one-time  protégé Michael Gove got a 2:1 in History not too sure if that's where he picked up what economics knowledge he has.]

Red 131

Not usually the colour of a Police Vehicle - this one spotted in the heart of London's government district

It means business

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