Friday, June 17, 2016

Serpentine's Pavillion, Summer houses and Red 137

Before National Gallery Session with Leslie (more about this later) managed to make it down to Kensington Gardens Serpentine Gallery to be dazzled by  Pavilion from Bjarke Ingels  and count them four Summer houses.

The Serpentine has been doing these Pavilions  for some years and I sadly missed the opening this year  but it still looks good.

Not sure how the Pavilion works in the rain and dark  but in daylight it looks great - semi transparent as a result of the modular construction it's got a great aesthetic and to my mind fits the environment like a glove.

Looks neutral and organic

Revealing in its transparency

Summer Houses 1-4

This by Nigerian Architect Kunlé Adeyemi is apparently an inverse replica of adjacent  Queen Caroline’s Temple .

Summer House by  Kunle Adayemi

This one (below)  by German architects Barkow Leibinger is (for me) all about the material - wood I couldn't help touching it!

It's  constructed with plywood skin on a steel tube frame and has a design that looks great from nearly every angle as well as from up above.

Lovely curves and geometry by Barkow Leibinger

This one had for me the Cricket Pavilion thought going even before I saw the design name Asif Khan - again it plays with the way we can look through it.

Asif Khan design - Somewhere for Cucumber sandwiches and Tea perhaps

And finally the one that is some ways the 'lightest' of all this by Yona Friedman a veteran French Architect

Something of the man and his practice in this I'm sure  

Red 137

and back to the  homage to Queen Caroline’s Temple, the Summer House at Kensington for Today's Red

There's no hiding place

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