Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Our heritage Vs The EU debates and Red 132

Walking around London two aspects of this great modern city illuminate my perspective on the UK - one is our Colonial past - many (now) questionable adventures and excursions, brave men and pursuing government policies to increase influence and empire.

Sir Henry Bartle Frere a proud past
The second is our mixture of people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities making a tolerant rich city   - not without problems but arguably the strongest most coherent of major cities in the free world.

Interesting to watch the unfolding campaigns both in and out around UK's EU referendum campaign - I'm not sure if it's just me but generally same  mantras coming from both sides and they are confirming my own views (so far) as I expect they are for others of both camps .

I did find Scottish Tory Leader Ruth Davidson a very good performer (Now being spoken of as a future leader for the UK party)  - I guess to have reached the heights she has in Politics marks her as somewhat charismatic.

I unlike most of the 'critics' think that Francis O'Grady leader  of the TUC (labour unions) gave a good account of herself too - but how odd for a TUC leader to have such a low profile, how times have changed.

What the 'Outer's are currently offering seems to  me a different set of policies from those that got Cameron and Co. elected - can't see how in all honesty if they win that a further general election could be avoided, worse case scenario this would be run during drastically weakened pound and after a change in Leadership for Conservative party.

London the capital of a  rich diverse present UK 

I feel very uncomfortable with the statements being made by Gove and Johnson regarding what they would do with 'potential' extra funds - do they really plan to improve NHS and other public institutions? - This does not seem to be part of their DNA

The idea that is being peddled is that  those actually voting for an 'Out'  will be doing so to empower British workers and give them a fairer slice of the pie.

Such a change would need to be  put to the electorate and the competing offerings (potentially) would be a view from the Left - Corbyn and the Right Gove/Johnson

Red 132

And here's an other  iconic vehicle repurposed

Not generally an option on a London Bus  

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