Monday, June 20, 2016

Plenty of rain, Old Corrie and Red 134

Spinach looking green
The seasons have been a bit hard for me to manage on the allotment - the warmer spring weather was a bit late coming and now we're getting a bit too much of the rain which makes planting a challenge and means weeds are dong fantastically well.
I'm fighting pigeons as well as slugs

Spinach and lettuce now in but celery not something I can write home about and Broad Beans which are usually in profusion were a disaster.

 The other problem is that this weather encourages slugs and snails and washes away the slug pellets.

I've got a fair amount of basil which will be going into pots shortly I hope.

Wonders of YouTube and Old Corrie's

The Dad of one of my School friends (John) was a writer of books and for TV, he was capable of writing for the big screen with a marvelous film Guns at Batasi as well as series and  soaps like Coronation Street.

John pointed me to a 1962 episode that was available on YouTube- it really shows how drama these days is well- less dramatic - and also how our bathroom socialising has declined - take a look if you gat a chance (and is Ken knocked out?)

After a while you forget (or I did anyway) that it's in Black and White and not great quality - there's a real edge to the whole thing  and it feels a long way from the comfortable BBC of the time.

The interesting anecdote from John's Dad  Robert was about William Roach (forever Ken) seems he said   when they met whilst Robert was  on the set as script advisor in 1962 and he told him that he was planning to leave shortly as he didn't want to get typecast.  (no fear of that!)

Red 134

The flags are out for our boys in Europe

Is it going to be a cause for celebration?

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