Monday, June 27, 2016

Mr Christa, STOP Boris and Red 126

I got the chance to chat briefly with Mr Christa as he made  final touches to his colourful work in Radbourne Walk just by Northfield's Allotments -it was done on the initiative of Northfield's Allotment committee and with the agreement of the homeowner whose wall the work adorns.

It's a bit of a departure from his  normal work for the young artist who is part of the 'Made You Look Collective' but he made clear speaking to me how much he'd learned by undertaking the commission.

It must surely be a buzz to see the completed painting  and hear people talking so positively about it.

Mr Christa adds the finishing touches on Monday afternoon.

STOP Boris

There's apparently something of a campaign that goes along the lines of Anyone but Boris (Even Pukka Jamie's on this one ) for Tory Leader  - They say it would be great if he doesn't even make it as one of the 2 names that goes onto the ballot paper that goes out to the Conservative party members

I can understand personally why this would be the case, yesterday  I was talking to one of the  many people working in London from an overseas country, following the  so called Brexit vote - sadly she had been hit hard by the feeling that she was no longer wanted here.

She'd said to her husband "that's it we might as well pack up and go,"  the problem wasn't the need to immediately leave England but her response to this perceived  rejection was so very human.

The idea that regular people should have their lives messed around to enable Tory politicians to play games that may or may not enable them to become the leaders of their party became horribly real to me.

So the idea of rewarding the Tory leaders of the duplicitous 'Leave campaign'  seems the last thing that many of us in the country could support.
 (We're thinking here of people standing in front of busses that have £350m/week written on them) .

I gather that there at the 3 main points that make Boris Johnson questionable for the  leadership of his party and the country.

And that is apart from some pretty severe character flaws identified by journalists like  Nick Cohen (Saturday's Guardian ) and  Sonia Purnell's (with her  piece on the failed  'Brand Boris' in The Times today)

1) Seems he's a liar - examples such as he wouldn't be an MP while he was London Mayor (he's said to have made this statement 17 times).

2) Others feel he's a man without honour - look at how his ex-lover  Petronella Wyatt analyses his character. (oh yes and it appears lied to his boss the then leader of the Tory party Michael Howard about the affair  and when found out he got fired).

3)There's also a rather unsavoury  association with illegal and threatening behaviour see him looking uncomfortable here.

So we'll have to see how that runs and if other questionable stories emerge.

Red 126

Some may say it's an example of sheet music

No it's really good

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