Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Making connections in the brain, Observation and Red 147

What computers and their associated programming have so far failed to do and which humans can excel at is making connections between seemingly disparate pieces of knowledge - think of (for me a great example) how Supermarkets became 'banks' offering those customers short of cash (using charge cards to pay for items) the chance to have cash back - by the nature of things (currently) supermarkets have cash and can minimise the amount they have by offering a tangential service - great joined up thinking.
Drop in for a drink and a package

I've made a couple of collections recently from Tesco and Argos of online orders.

My idea is for Coffee chains (Starbucks/Cost/Nero etcetera) to start offering a delivery collection option, lots of people use Cafés as a virtual office or meetup point  - customers will inevitably have a hot beverage and there'll be something of an improvement in high street footfall.


And on the subject of the brain..

yesterday I mentioned how things are overlooked - this is an example from me - on my allotment this colourful specimen  only jumped out at me yesterday - how can that be? (it reminds me of a Thinking Fast Thinking Slow example where a US policeman running was oblivious to a crime).

How could I have missed this on the top of my allotment plot?

Red 147

This footwear is displayed almost like jewelry

Something to covet?

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