Monday, June 27, 2016

Last days of The Shad and Red 127

Punk activities at Design Museum
For the last 18 months or so I've been conducting, as a volunteer  a variety of short tours at the Design Museum, it's been fun and the people there- visitors and staff are friendly and pleasant.

A Punky Fish-tank outside the Museum

The Design Museum closes this month in it's Shad premises guise ahead of opening at the improved Kensington premises that are being prepared for this Autumn.

A work that can take you somewhere

I was on my last tours this w/e during their 'Punk retrospective' at the museum and took the opportunity to visit the nearby Anise Gallery, which is a charming little gallery often showing  up and coming artists.

The artist who was featured at the Gallery was Daniel Mullen a Scot  resident in Holland his influences are clearly diverse including Futurism and Mondrian - for me there's something of the 'Op art' of Bridget Riley - the gallery assistant was obviously someone who took an interest in the works too.

Daniel's work here  is actually quite affordable generally Acrylic on Canvas with works starting below £1,000

I'll miss my visits to the Gallery -

Red 127

Apart from the Red feature I love the fact that the lift doors suggest 'Smile'

Sometimes we need to.

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