Wednesday, June 08, 2016

The Public space and Red 146

Something of the used car salesman?
When I studied Mass Communications via The Leicester University  one of the key perspectives we applied to the discipline was that of the Public Space  re-imagined by Jurgen Habermas, at first I thought that this guy was a historic figure but it soon became clear that his analysis was contemporary .  

The Public Space that Habermas considered felt like  an enlightened space where issues could be dissected and discussed.

It's interesting to see how the EU debate is unfolding I'm not a total political anorak  but found the (selected) public grilling  of Farage and Cameron quite fascinating - both men were well prepared and of course avoided answering directly some of the questions.

What I'm wondering now (and I suppose people were wondering 40 years ago) is the Referenda genie out of the box - this really has actually been the subject of conversations in the workplace, in the family and in the coffee shops.

I wonder why Farage was the chose voice for Leave - it would have a revealing two hander if either Gove or Johnson had been Cameron's opponent, still more time to consider our choices (and who we'd like to see as new Prime-minister).

Red 146

What does the red bag 'say'?

Is it a statement or just a receptacle ?

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