Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Back to the Garage and Red 133

Rather worrying to see that I was talking about getting the garage sorted out over 3 years ago and have had a set of shelves since February - now 'grasping the nettle'  (but it's stinging like hell).

The shelves and bench

The mess from 3 years ago

What I have a tendency to do (maybe in life generally) is to cram stuff away in a the garage, in no order hoping I can find things and that they'll be of some use in the future - I'm now at the stage where the mess is spreading inwards to 'office'.

The first of the four

Bench and shelves waiting to be loaded

I've put the shelves together and can now start a bit of rationalisation -but it feels like it could be a long haul.

BBC's Tate Telly

Nice BBC programme introducing the Tate extension to the world at large - Seems to me that Andrew Marr has made a pretty good recovery from his stroke (which 'nearly killed him' - The great and good of the Art World were out in their numbers, saw that Antony Gormley  had some sort of leg support but Ian Craig-Martin seemed on top of his game as did Tracey Emin

You can find out and watch the show on BBC iPlayer .

Red 133

And talking about the big names on BBC programme about Tate's Extension here's Red 133

Almost like a Craig-Martin come to life

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