Monday, February 22, 2016

What is upshot? Blonde Ambition and Red 253

Noticed this morning a van travelling near our home  Upshot - Ground based aerial Photography, looks like a rather intriguing outfit on the margins of surveillance - but is the proclamation of what they do an indication that they are in fact perfectly fine?

Blonde Ambition

And on not being as things appear...

The question for me  is does Boris Johnson believe that his motives in backing Brexit are for his own good or that of London and the country?
Does it look like 'honourable' behaviour?

it was worrying to see in the weekend press furtive meetings between Michael Gove and Boris Johnson - are they honourable men who are loyal to their party leader or have they done a deal in preparation for Cameron's own exit?

Much as a young Debbie Harry had a Marilyn Monroe complex it feels to me as though  Boris Johnson has something of a Churchill  fixation.

Many politicians are risk takers, there seems to be a correlation between various traits that means those with a different idea of truth (witness  Hilary Clinton's recent struggle with the term 'lying') from that of many other citizens .

For a professional politician the language they use is loaded it includes terms like reform which they used as a replacement for the word change, so when speeches talk about a reformed health Service or as altered EU arrangements they sell with the word reform.

This is going to be a long 4 months!

Red 253

What I like about this is not the absence of it being a 'Boris' bike but the way that some missing red defines the subject

well he'll be on his (Boris) bike

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