Saturday, February 13, 2016

Arts Bids and Red 262

Arts Bids- or at least seeking some funding for a project is a new experience for me.
Do they want an exhibition?

Having seen an exhibition of pictures (largely but not solely photographic) I drew this to the attention of someone who is involved in promoting London's Portobello Market - the message I got back was this is a good idea .. have a look at..

This led me to speaking to an experienced  Photographer  who has a wealth of knowledge on taking pictures, showing them and engaging with interested parties, I was pleasantly surprised to find that he too was enthusiastic about moving the process forward - so I'm going to submit a proposal to InTRANSIT and hopefully get enough support to actually make an unorthodox gallery and competition this summer  in West London.

Initial Submission deadline is this Monday with shortlisted  applicants being informed by March 3rd and then having a further 4 weeks to refine their proposals.

Red 262

The Colour of Fast?

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