Sunday, February 07, 2016

The Biggger Politics and Red 268

The  big political story in the UK at present is

Does Murdoch decide the EU vote?

UK EU referendum

I see this about both holding the Conservative part together (the initial  reason for the vote I fear) and about the Tory leadership accession.
With the supremely ambitious Boris still appearing to be cemented to the  fence and Theresa May also yet to declare we've only got George Osborne clearly in favour of the EU but that doesn't mean there aren't other Tories waiting in the wings to throw there hats into the leadership ring as Pros or Antis.

The challenges for those who wish to remain in the EU and therefore need to support David Cameron should also not be overlooked - Opportunities' for Labour to see the Government in an uncomfortable position are limited and any chance of focusing on their opponents externally are likely to be jumped on  (sadly) even if this jeopardises their own clear policy. The worry for some is that a victory for the Yes campaign looks like a victory for Cameron who many feel id fighting a campaign on a false premise (that he's got notable 'concessions')

In Westminster the fiercely 'Pro' Liberal Democrats are all but insignificant these days and the Scots Nat's too could obtain political advantage by a Scotland/England split on voting.

I fear, to mix my metaphors that David Cameron's can of worms could come home to roost for the population of the UK- a 'no'  from England and a 'yes' from Scotland being the worst for him and his position in history.

Instinctively I feel 'we' should remain within the EU but if looking analytically at the issue it's not so simple; although I know the volatility in markets could be difficult too manage as such a  change would be traumatic - I can see that for many sections of the electorate the positives of being a part of the EU are largely intangible (or things we're not suffering to any great  degree- like border disputes or serious volatility -at present anyway)

I'm off to hear Tory  Lord Finkelstein talk on Monday evening so perhaps he'll say something about why UK press is almost totally against remaining in EU.

Red 268

I don't know if it's comfortable but it's  discounted (and I'd say) a Bar-Stool that's seriously red

Don't fall off

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